Bioginnastica® is a bodywork methodology, created by Doctor Stefania Tronconi with the aim of loosening muscular tension and giving harmony to the body.

It drew inspiration from the Mézières technique, which derives its name from the homonym french physiotherapist who used different kinds of little balls, positioned in strategical points of vertebral column, in order to loosen the muscular tension.


Who are the targets of Bioginnastica®?

All the people who want to do a physical activity, which allows the increasing of physic and psychic health. It is especially addressed to:

  • people who need to treat age-specific pathologies, like osteoporosis or arthritis.
  • Young people who want to prevent postural pathologies, like hyperkyphosis, scoliosis and hyperlordosis.
  • Pregnant women or women in post-partum phase, because it contributes to delete the tension present from a muscular and skeletal level.

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Why Should I Practice Bioginnastica®?

thanks to the perception of the body through posture, a path of increasing consciousness of ourselves starts.

Increasing the metabolism at rest, Bioginnastica® is useful in cases of bad circulation, swelling and cellulite. Thanks to the action of relaxing the contracted areas, it helps, moreover, to treat the major pathologies, which affect the muscular-skeletal apparatus, and to loosen the different tensions.
Furthermore, it is indicated for athletic professionals, in order to find the correct muscular balance and prevent eventual accidents.

In Bioginnastica® nothing is up to destiny: each session deals with different parts of the body and it depends on the position selected for the little ball, which is used as a mean of perception for the muscular stretching.
The sessions are multisensorial experiences: they activate the sense of smell, through the essence perfumes diffused on the air, the sense of touch through the balls in contact with our more rigid parts and the auditory sense, through the attentively-selected melodies.

How does Barbara face it after three years of school?

“I often repeat that for me, hyperactive and devoted to movement, it has been hard. At first, just the thought of lying down in listening of myself made me uncomfortable, it bored me and I had hundreds of doubts. Thanks to Bioginnastica®, I managed to step over and since there my travel started: I felt, I listened and I respected the rigidities and armor which I have brought with me for years. Patiently, despite thousands of difficulties, I finally managed to feel better. Now, every time I can, I am glad to lay down and I let my body and my mind feel these little balls. And during pregnancy? Every evening I did my exercises and the little balls followed me even in delivery room.”

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