Gyrotonic® is a training which consists in blocks of exercises based on the concept of the multi-directional movement.
Thanks to the study of the individual situation, we aim to overcome the physical limits.

The exercises of Gyrotonic® increase harmonically the functional ability of the entire body. Therefore, they do not become a routine, but they continue being a harmonic practice, which mirrors the journey that we start individually with our clients.


Gyrotonic® training starts with a session of individual evaluation, which lasts about 60 minutes, at the end of which the instructor proposes a program modelled on the participant’s starting point conditions and physical abilities, paying attention to his/her needs and personal aims.

Since Gyrotonic Expansion System® comprehends a program of exercises very wide and complete, the choice of Centro Pilates Ama Te is that of offering exclusively individual sessions which last 50 minutes.


People who approach to Gyrotonic® will start their learning pathway, followed and guided day bay day by a certificated instructor*, in order to makes sure the correct and functional execution of the exercises in short time.

Benefits of Gyrotonic®:

  • Better flexibility of the column
  • Better articulatory extension
  • Conscious control of the posture
  • Decreasing of the micro traumas caused by stress
  • Decreasing of articulatory pains.

Il Gyrotonic® is indicated for:

  • Cervical pains
  • Lumbar pains
  • Prevention of lumbosciatica
  • Articulatory pains
  • Laxity of tendons and ligaments
  • Arthrosis of hip
  • Activities pre and post-partum.



We offer GYROTONIC® lessons at:

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COME BACK * it is important that the instructor possesses the certificated delivered by Juliu Horvath or by Gyrotonic® headquarter NY.
Each certificate is valid for only one instructor. Request for proof of the certificate is a right of the client; alternatively, all the instructors certificated appear on the instructor database of Gyrotonic® within the official web site

Gyrotonic® is a registered trademark of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and is used with their permission.