What is Gyrokinesis®? La Gyrokinesis® is the mother of the Gyrotonic Expansion System®, it is the starting point for its inventor J. Hovarth. I will first start to explain it from a technic and mechanic point of view… but it is really reductive, because it is much more, much more.

It is a system of training that involves only a stool, a mat and… the own body. It is a routine in order to reinforce, stretch, expand and tone. It does it through the fundamental system principles, which is to stretch and create force through contrasts, curve, arches and spirals with the entire body.


The respire is (as all the Gyrotonic Expansion System®) the sound track of each movement, it becomes nearly a dance, all it is in harmony, the body is free of moving in three-dimensional way. There is never competition with anyone, but ourselves.

It is a way of listening to themselves, with respect, accepting the own rigidities, the own limits and, with constancy and patience, trying to loosen all the knots of the body, in order to go beyond the own physical limits.
It is a travel… each time I train it is a different experience, my body is never the same, because each movement of our life is never the same and the body arrives before the mind.
The body speaks to us constantly and with this system of training we allow ourselves to feel it, love it, respire it and move it.

Why doing Gyrokinesis®?

In addition to the usual things… stretching, tonification, force, improvement of the posture, coordination, work on nervous system, this system of training is really a travel, in order to discover our body, which contains all we have inside.
Have you ever heard the famous sentence “the body is the mirror of the soul”?
If you take care of it, you can live better and longer.
This is the aim of all the Gyrotonic Expansion System®: THE CHANGE.
Controindications? We have to be ready and to have desire of change.
I would add this indian proverb too: do not be scared of advance slowly, be only careful of keep being steady.

It is directed to everybody, each subject creates an improvement.

The dancers, in order to improve the movements, the arches, the balance, the force…. I remember you that J.Horvath is an ex-dancer.

To all the athletes who desire improving their performances.

Excellent for golfers, Gyrotonic® is even better. It has been created a specific program for them: ‘the applications of Gyrotonic® for golfers‘. Possessing a flexible torso, a good mobility with the hips, training the body with three-dimensional spirals. All this mean the possibility of performing a swing effortless and without accidents.

People with serious kyphosis , blocked respire, rigid articulations, shortened muscles.


Very helpful it is also to people with arthrosis, arthritis, hernias, scoliosis… the continue nervous stimuli of coordination are a concrete help for these pains.

You have to test it… and, as always… LITTLE NUMBERS, BIG RESULTS

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