Pilates Method

Doing Pilates is a way to deeply work on all the little muscles which belong to the big muscular groups.

Taking care of the details of executions, each exercise deals with quality rather than repetitions. The quality emerges from the dedication with which we relate to the clients and we try to understand their demands and motivations.

Pilates allows to work with bowels and the pelvic floor, which is very important for women and fundamental before and after the partum. Reinforcing the pelvic muscularity, this practice permits to increase the flexibility and to prevent the prolapse of perineal area.
It helps to feel better during and after gestation, avoiding an excessive lumbar lordosis, which is a natural consequence of pregnancy, and it helps to regain the harmony with the own body.
The same kind of exercises produce benefits for men too, for whom it is extremely important to protect the health of prostate.

So, who benefits from pilates?


Actually, it is a sport for everybody. Excellent during adolescence, age in which to increase the consciousness of the body is crucial. Working on the posture of an adolescent leads to immediate results both physically and psychologically.

After whatever accident, or for people with hernias, spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis, stenosis: this kind of participants manage to work without any contraindication; the only warning is to be conscious of the specific situation in order to know how to work on it in a completely natural way.

Moreover, Pilates is suggested to athletes who do sports which involve only one articulation (tennis, golf…), in order to balance the entire system and to increase the own performances.


Pilates is directed to men and woman who want to start a path on themselves which goes beyond a simply physical work and leads to a consciousness of the body and of how we occupy the spaces.

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