Barbara Meliti

What is Pilates? Nowadays we can see it in many different varieties. Unfortunately, I might add.
When I started studying it, at first, in 1999, I approached it mainly for curiosity. With a past in the world of dance, I was looking for a discipline which gives flexibility, force and tonicity, which would be feelings similar to dance.

Day by day, through study and constant practice, I realised that Pilates is not so an holistic discipline, as it is sometimes defined. Pilates is a real harmonious physical activity, a new method of doing gymnastics, being constantly in contact with your body, your mind, and each time it is a new challenge. Pilates deals with posture, but it is not postural gymnastic. Tonification, as we constantly repeat, is a collateral effect.

Foto di Barbara Meliti

Doing Pilates you realise how you collocate in the space, you start feel yourself, to keep consciousness of your muscles, your pains and you know that it is exactly from there that you have to start. Our body speaks to us constantly; it is up to us to be able to listen to it. What we would like to transmit is not the history of J.H.Pilates (that everybody know), but how advanced was his thought and his discoveries and what we try to maintain with our studies and schools. We want to tell you how Pilates really was and is, with love, passion and dedication in the care of the person.